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We can provide very accurate and realistic cost evaluations with a minimal amount of information.   We can evaluate/confirm the effective usage of space and look at the maximizing efficiencies at all levels.  Our initial estimate willl be a baseline estimate that we will compare to your available budget and will allow all members of the project team to be on the same page throughout the project.   We can be an active participant in the evaluation and development of the design.

Cost Control

Throughout construction we manage the established budget as the project progresses.  Our processes and procedures recongnize that cost control is part of the day-to-day management of the proejct and address it throughout construction.  Should questions arise regarding the additive work or changes in scopes, these are immediately addressed and brought to a successful conclusion.


Our construction phase services are structured to control costs, eliminate surprises, maintain schedule, provide a safe working environment, assure quality, facilitate occupancy, coordinate logistics, and create an enjoyable process.   Massey Construction will maintain a competent and experienced, full-time superintendent at the project to supervise the performance of the work in the most expeditious and economical manner consistent with good workmanship, and sound business practice.

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